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The dream of freedom becomes reality

It might be an inner pioneering spirit, a childhood notion of exploration, or simply a yearning for freedom. The open seas are synonymous with joy in life.Cruise by cruise we venture further out and are rewarded with lasting impressions. We adore the secluded bays, the glistening water, and the challenges that the ocean offers too.Using these and many other ideas, we want to make these unforgettable experiences accessible to as many people as possible.

Our team is made up of passionate professionals who have been doing their dream job since their youth, that is, for over 25 years. The head of the business – the Manager – is Jürgen Dobner. Jürgen was born for hospitality and over 20 years he has been dedicated to the hotel and catering sector.

Early on Jürgen developed a passion for sailing and the ocean. A few years ago, he gained his sailing licence for inland waters, after that the Croatian coast patent, then finally, Yachtmeister status for sailing and motor yachts on the high seas.

With YACHTMEISTER® and its big sister YACHTING EXCLUSIVE® he forged a new path, which until then, had not existed in that form. Based on service-oriented thinking, his experience as a host and his passion for sailing and motor-boating, he developed a yachting concept that promised the guest added value, and delivered that promise too.

Fair Winds

Working with professional skippers, harbour masters and partners from various service sectors - known by him personally and hand-picked - he has since provided bespoke sailing and motor yacht cruises.

Yet he has always regarded it as important that there be personal contact with guests and customers at all times. This not only includes the cruise, but begins well before cast-off and doesn't end upon docking. After all, it is only upon close consultation that wishes, challenges and concepts can be compiled, offered and fulfilled.